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CBD products made by a team of Licensed Pharmacists & Experts in CBD Medicine.

Our Company

CBD UK Importers.com proudly presents our terpene powered, broad-spectrum CBD tincture formulas. Our hemp extract heralds from a non-GMO pedigree and is farmed only for its robust CBD extract potency. Plant genetics consist of a proprietary, hybridized, hemp strain that is nurtured in metals-free, quality soil and cultivated by pesticide-free, organic farming methods.

Super Critical CO2 methods are used to preserve the highest amount of the plant’s natural potency during extraction. The result is a 0.0% THC, broad-spectrum plant extract so potent that our terpene powered, broad-spectrum CBD products provide measurable personal experiences!

3rd Party Lab Tested

Our testing labs are all ISO accredited to assure high quality results of full-panel tests.

Tested for Potency

We obtain detailed phytocannabinoid and terpenes profiles for every product, ensuring no detectable levels of THC

Tested for Purity

Our products pass testing for more than 100 different contaminants including pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

How we Create High Quality CBD

The biggest priority of CBD UK Importers is quality. Despite the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of CBD products on the market, there is still a major lack of testing oversight. It’s no surprise that CBD is still despised, given the disparities in state and federal restrictions, as well as challenges with producers meeting their own label claims. That is why we feel driven to hold ourselves to higher standards than those imposed by regulatory agencies. Because you deserve nothing less than the greatest CBD experience imaginable.

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