Industry Competition Flood

Dozens of new companies are entering the market with CBD tinctures…

The primary tool that is being used to differentiate a fresh tincture brand is the design of the label and packaging. Most companies use CBD distillate from a credible source. Most use MCT as a carrier.

Consumers are educating themselves on dosing and bioavailability as the emerging health benefits from CBD are growing stronger. Using CBD oil sublingually is the best value and most effective way. Therefore the CBD Tincture has become a ‘core product’. However, the market is now flooded with tinctures and prices have already been driven down due to this. Consumer buying and use of tinctures have drawbacks:

  • Unclear and misleading label information
  • Too many brands to choose from and research
  • difficult dosing measurement with a pipette dropper
  • Slow onset of effects or no effect felt
  • Awkward use and indiscreet
  • Wastage due to varying methods of ascertaining dose

Including a spray range in your CBD product line up is a sure-fire way to get ahead of the competition.  Educating your potential and existing consumers on the benefits of using a premium spray product are key to longevity,  higher margins and customer satisfaction. You may want to present your spray in a more ‘pharma style’ way and align your range with the health and clinic sectors that require fast effects, accurately measured dosing and user ease of. Uptitration. Addition of herbs and vitamins is also much more suited to an atomized spray and can be a great way to tap into the individual health requirements of consumers. The ease of use and light palatable taste alone make popularity and repeat sales strong with this product. 

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