CBD OIL 30ML (4000MG)


CBD (cannabidiol) is an active ingredient in hemp oil, which is made from the plant’s leaves and flowers. It is non-psychoactive, and every batch is tested for THC levels to ensure that it is less than 0.3% per bottle. Our CBD Oil 4000mg is extracted using the gold standard process of CO2 extraction, ensuring that the CBD we use retains the maximum amount of benefit. Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract contains a variety of minor cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBG, and CBA, to enhance the potent benefits of this amazing plant.

  • (4000 mg/30 ml) Made from complete plant extract cultivated in Colorado, each bottle contains 4000mg of broad-spectrum distillate comprising CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBD-A.
  • Co2 extracted–The gold standard for CBD extraction.
  • We use oil as a carrier oil since it is transparent and odorless, so it tastes better than other brands.



  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • 4000mg Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil


Use For:

  • Enhancing mental & physical well-being
  • Helping to relieve joint pain and stiffness
  • Helping to maintain calmness and relaxation
  • Helping to relieve feelings of pain and inflammation
  • Promoting a healthy sleep cycle
  • Supporting a normal inflammatory response



Enjoy on a daily basis or as needed. Under your tongue, place the necessary amount, hold for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. The most bioavailability is achieved by holding the oil sublingually for the longest time.


    Novel Food License Approved. Application No: RP349








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