Real Thing Cloud Mist 750mg

  • 4x More Bioavailable
  • Equivalent to 3000mg of CBD oil
  • Fast Acting – 30 seconds
  • Pharmaceutically prepared
  • Premium Quality

The Real Thing CBD Cloud Mist Spray 750mg


4 x more bioavailable than CBD oil tinctures.

Fully atomized spray


Vegan & Halal friendly

Manufacturers in Great Britain




Equivalent to 3000mg of CBD oil

Rapid absorption under the tongue

Fast Acting – feel the effects in 30 seconds.

Pharmaceutically prepared

Premium Quality

Non-Psychoactive (zero THC)


Fluid volume: 30ml

Servings: 300 sprays

Dose: 2.5mg Per Spray


Real Thing CBD Cloud Spray atomizes into a very fine particle mist, so it is absorbed very quickly. Each pump of the spray device delivers an exact measured dose of CBD that rapidly absorbs into your body’s endocannabinoid system using our globally unique carrier solution Real Thing.


Our Sprays are made with only the finest raw ingredient – broad-spectrum CBD distillate (90% high-grade CBD and 10% other valuable cannabinoids), certified ZERO THC, so it’s guaranteed to be totally non-psychoactive.


Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Concentrate, Real Thing Carrier solution; natural absorption and penetration enhancers.


    Novel Food License Approved. Application No: RP349




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