Real Thing Cloud Mist


The Real Thing Biozorb carrier oil is unlike anything else on the market today. It has a viscosity of only 7 Brookfield units, compared to Hemp Oil’s 30 Brookfield units.

It’s a medicine delivery gadget that a pharmaceutical business has created.

It allows for far higher amounts of CBD distillate or isolate to be homogenized throughout the manufacturing process. The completed product will atomize as a faint “mist” or “cloud” when discharged into the mouth and under the tongue.

The mist absorbs instantly when it comes to touch with the highest surface area inside the buccal cavity because of its distribution pattern and particle size (mouth). As a result, it reaches the bloodstream through the mucosal membrane as quickly as feasible.

It is a lot more efficient approach since it eliminates the need for the user to hold oils under their tongues.

Experts recommend using the “Uptitration” method of dosing. Starting with a daily dose of 40 mg for seven days and then measuring the effects and observing how you feel is recommended by this guideline. If the desired effects are not attained, raise the dosage by ten milligrams and repeat the process for another seven days, and so on….. There is, however, an issue…

Most CBD oil now comes with a dropper that does not weigh the amount of CBD, making precise dosing impossible. Furthermore, the findings cannot be quantified because the oil doesn’t really absorb. The onset of the action is delayed and diluted because of waste in your body and a slow absorption rate.

Our Sprays can aid with proper dosing, giving your consumers control over an effective dosing strategy and a product that is instantly recognizable. As a result, people are certain that when they see the branding, they are selecting the correct goods. This will become associated with your CBD business, enhancing your reputation as a high-quality CBD supplier.

The optimal application method, together with the optimum dosage and the best raw CBD extract, results in a win-win situation for consumers, allowing for easy resale based on this fact. Many customers will repurchase from the same supplier once they find a product they like. We want to work with you to develop a CBD product that your customers will love, and we believe our CBD Spray can help you achieve that goal. If you are passionate about giving the greatest customer service possible to your consumers by offering the most up-to-date dosing methods that are designed to maximize the potential benefits users may experience when purchasing CBD products, this is the job for you.


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